Elvis Wedding Jesse Garon & Charo
 Elvis Wedding In Las Vegas
 Jesse Garon w/ Charo

 Elvis Weddings In Las Vegas
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JESSE GARON brings instant excitement by delivering an electrifying and energetic performance to your Elvis Wedding In Las Vegas. If you remember the hip shaking, rocking and rolling ELVIS of the 50's and 60's, you'll love his eerie re-creation.
In addition, JESSE GARON can arrive to your Las Vegas Elvis Wedding in a mint condition 1955 PINK FLEETWOOD CADILLAC
which is neon lit. His Elvis Weddings In Las Vegas have thrilled and excited thousands of ELVIS fans nationally and internationally.


Born Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza in Murcia, Spain on January 15, 1951, and nicknamed Charo as a child, she is truly a multi-talented international entertainment personality. She is a highly accomplished classical flamenco guitarist, singer, dancer, actress and comedienne.
While honeymooning in Hawaii with her husband, Kjell Rasten, a Swedish-born businessman, Charo fell in love with the islands. In 1988 , Charo turned down many good show biz offers and relocated to Kauai, Hawaii to raise her son. "I love showbusiness," says Charo, "but my family is my priority." Although away from the mainlaind, Charo still managed to keep up with performing by initially appearing at a nightclub in Waikiki.
Charo became an instant hit with the international tourists and has continued to perform five nights a week ever since. While I am certain her success is attributed to her exeptional guitar and vocal talents, the fact that she speaks in addition to her native Spanish, fluent French, English, Italian, and Japanese, also helped.
Charo also owns her own restaurant, bearing her name, on the North Shore of the beautiful island of Kauai. Among the many accolades Charo has received are "Best Flamenco Guitarist in the World" by Guitar Players Magazine (two years in a row) and her CD "Guitar Passion" was named by Billboard magazine as the Top Latin Album of 1995 for a female artist.